Corn- Truth of Dare? Limit Up or Short term Top? 4.18

All rumors, news and not, levels guesses (hopefully educated) levels and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.

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Nickel, Bloomberg giving 1second view of news? Yep, algo apparently jacked-up (in Paul Tudor Jones southern twang is best) price of nickel but Bloom cut news story too fast for even my eyes being used to reuters tape on floor, watching when humans had a change against HFT Zionists.

It rallied $500and I dont know what price it is. I guess huge.

MACRO PRICE MEASURED MOVEs that can give chance.

CORN- strong raging opinion due to what I see on immediate horizon.

I feel corn is a disaster and it is too bad my trader friend from beginning and bro-in-law,

This may be 1st crop that doesn't get planted. He always said,

"Name me one crop



This is it. 2019 corn crop is a disaster. Use stops but risk big now as we bounced 50c in 8 days was it? Its still raining Men, (chicks song they run around in their underwear to)

Its raining men in the muddy fields that we have never seen since the 1st testament! Joke?

I know nothing of ins. payments and neither do some of you BUT

If you dont take insurance during a 1st-time-ever" historic beyond the books biblical rain season,

Then result rests on you. Trump gives farmers $12Bil? Israel gets $10Bil per year. Dont beat yourself up.

I Know this is like when you can't buy a winner because of fertilizer in field investment, but wth?

Take it and let the moneychangers take a hit. Hopefully its underwritten by NY Banksters as Santelli coined.

Next week (disclaimer, Im Jacked Up bullish) when IF, Big IF but

If no planting (throw away money on calls to hedge higher boys) progress?


Buy any break and for those that trade flat? I have rules on that advise. Commissions more but CORN

no HOOD ORNAMENT Mornings.


I smell shorts stuck and commercials out of place, time from 2weeks ago when CARRYOUT was 8 gazillion bu left over. Inductry souce told me corn yield last year overstated according to 70 year old, 1000s of farmer seveys. Huh? That will come out in wash next 12 months, like Deutche Bank 2 lines of bad code.

On other side option guys, pros can sell (point) till infinity.CORNmayOLS431

Think how option premium can finance the deficit. (Yeah its only for the smart to deceive people but just my thought).

Mkt will have to tip those big shorts to cover? Event?

Get it? 12,000 I think is limit so few can sell huge. Bearish to try to be balanced.

Buy lotto calls but sell futures against when they explode. Don't be a greedy squutch (stupid).

You get 100% on downside which recently meant free.

Bot 450c @6c.

Sold futures 6.62 idea. We missed 3 tickeroo's,

Cover on 20c break is $1000?

You just made on original $300.

I am learning how to corral you rancher mongrels by putting good ideas in front of you if a little drt approval on profits.

You never take profits!

How does that work in trading?

Corn hedgers that actuall are lucky to get corn in.

A farmer client whom sold 25% last year and how I got him at $4.29OLS.

He has corn and sold 25%.

He reads my charts well as some of you do. Your just looking for lines and levels daily based on extremes. Profits or losses.

Hogs- like nickel can we jump $20overnight? Another 1st time ever? Next time before hogs go limit, I would buy just before they locked limit up.

I cant say what I think it is but that is where you shoot size. Sell the other months that lock after for flat scalpers. Get out of spread or not. Depends who you are as trader.

Private Nasdog which is steering more to education for serious trader wanna bee's (honey price up big) with a couple bucks to save them $50k a lesson cost of tuition trading education so consider private voice conversations where traders talk market ruminations and machinations from the guys that study ticks, risk per previous bar, common excuses we use that cost money.

Trading is serious and macro events happen.

I think its




(Commercial day trader used to buy nasd when aired) Hypnotizing Music.

Too many other bottoms to talk about. Whats in this for me?

You need some gallioons ?

When time is right like now, yestrday 1day break buy MOC?

Risk is we can break to be balanced but my floor connections are ALL JACKED UP. Can you imagine those trader conversations tailored to advance your knowledge from Old Floor Pro's?

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If long Corn this is a place to get out of longs. I would not be short corn with your money.

Don't freeze.