King Corn Trump- 10% Three Day Rally, Billiant Trade

King Corn Trump- 10% Three Day Rally

For the chart readers we have a few big levels in this bull market 3rd day.

(a real chart with useable levels below, not a black price plot).

Trump has just done something so slick I cannot recall in years, decades.

He torched record Corn short funds to tune of 30c or 10% in three mofu days.

397.5 in DEC corn with a small OLS above that.

Must use stop if selling.

Yeah yeah yeah, we have grain all over except Trump may have corned the selling. $2.4bil bu * $1is chump change. Tech firms write off $5bil R + D for one bldg.

I say you still write whole crop off due to Tariff. Pay no taxes. That is how Trump made his money folks. I study accounting bubbles and we have some brewing effective immediately.

MUTE NEWS ON IRAN distracting news. Trust me, your brain cant decipher BS the way a Trader thinks.

LC- longs look out under diamonds by lows. Use as pivot and use stops. I do have extremes on sale email priority like CZCZ 3 day bull market last few nanoseconds explosion.

Corn- now old obvious late planting can be lighter fluid.

Are you glad now you bought lotto (stupid calls, 2.4 Tril bu.s laying around?) Calls in C or W.

I have corn olives currently on sale to hedge the nanosecond OLS flashes. A couple bucks will get you that paid alert. Im not saying what it was last year. It did get client that hedged himself.

If your too busy now? Your own fault when it was raining 'illegals and globalist's.' Call or email me if your in for a different methodology to trading, which is TRADING, (not camping). 312 870 1184

Sell Powder Blue line CZ

If you may have interest in easy voice files with bigger picture, good shelf life comments they must be private. We dont want some farmer click trading and hit wrong key.


Do you have FC buys sharply lower, or at a good level that will give you a shot like OLB in CN 3.44? Again about same time last year?

Trading account must be funded enough if looking to hedge. You dont do it with $20k.

Corn users- ethanol, feed.

You had your chance which my opinion is gone this year.

That was a climatic news deafening touch of such a long term TL, trendline. Get with the lingo with premium chart levels and comments ahead of time.

Not when sheep slaughtered like what is going to happen to corn fund 350k $horts, in my opinion.

Alanism- he whom covers 1st, covers best.

Its illegal duck hunting in C W SM BO even,

S-C also says buy beans sell corn this am -1.32- area. Ratio spread that works is what I found works.

JUNE HOGS to me look ready to rock on upside, 9020 tiny brakout. COTTON pattern broken wed.s, buy lower if so inclined against low.

If you want to learn an education on technical analysis then pick up the phone and let's talk turkey.


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